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Who to tell your moving home

Moving home is a significant life event, and notifying the right people and organizations is crucial for a smooth transition. Watson European understands the intricacies of this process, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on who to inform when you’re moving. Let’s ensure you don’t miss a beat during this exciting time. Discover who to tell your moving home.

Who to Tell When You’re Moving Home: Watson European’s Friendly Guide

Keeping It Simple on Your Moving Journey

Who to tell your moving home


It’s time to spill the beans on your big move and let everyone in on the excitement. Ready to dive into the who’s who of your moving announcement list? Let’s roll!

1. Notify Friends and Family
Share the Joy with Your Crew

First things first—tell your friends and family about your move! Share the new address and let them be part of the excitement.

2. Deal to 3 Months in Advance
Plan Ahead for a Chill Move

Start spreading the news about three months before the move. It gives everyone enough time to get in the loop without any last-minute rush.

3. Update Your Contact Details
New Digs, New Contact Info

Make sure your contacts have your new info. Update your phone number, email, and any other ways people reach you.

4. Gas and Electricity Meters
Keep the Lights On in Your New Place

Give a shout to your gas and electricity buddies. Share your new address so you don’t end up in the dark when you move.

5. Council Tax
Don’t Let Taxes Sneak Up on You

Tell your local council about your move to avoid any surprise tax bills. It’s a smart move to keep your money where it belongs.

6. Electoral Roll
Keep Your Voting Game Strong

Update your details on the electoral roll. It’s like keeping your VIP pass to vote in elections.

7. Health Insurance
Health First, Always

Let your health insurance crew know about the move. Keep the health vibes strong, even in your new hood.

8. Home Insurance
Guarding Your New Castle

If you’ve got home insurance, tell them about your move. Keep that safety net in place for your new home.

9. Department of Work and Pensions
Keep Those Benefits Coming

If you’re getting benefits, keep the Department of Work and Pensions in the loop. Smooth sailing for your benefit, no stress.

10. Royal Mail
Don’t Miss Your Snail Mail

Get Royal Mail on the case. Redirect your mail so you don’t miss any important letters or exciting packages.

11. TV Licensing
Stay Legal, Stay Tuned

Update your TV license deets. You don’t want to miss your favourite shows in your new crib.

Who to tell your moving home


12. Identity Theft
Lock It Down, Stay Secure

Keep your info safe—let the right folks know about your move. It’s a ninja move against identity theft.

13. Moving House Checklist
Your Go-To Guide for a Smooth Move

Use a moving house checklist. It’s like your moving BFF, making sure you don’t forget a thing.

14. Removals Company
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Give a heads-up to your removal crew. Smooth communication means a smooth move on the big day.

15. Moving Day
The Grand Finale, Let’s Do This!

Coordinate with everyone on moving day. Teamwork makes the dream work for a stress-free move.

16. Car Insurance
Keep Your Ride Insured and Secure

If you’ve got wheels, tell your car insurance crew about your move. Keep that coverage going strong.

17. Local Authorities
Tap into Local Awesomeness

Connect with local authorities in your new hood. Get to know the services and perks your new area has to offer.

18. Mail Redirect
Expand Horizontal – Mail on the Move

Set up a temporary mail redirect. No lost letters during your move—keep the mail flowing.

19. Hospital Bag
Ready for Baby’s Big Arrival

Expecting? Pack that hospital bag early, just in case the little one decides to make a move on a moving day!

20. List of GPs
Staying Healthy in Your New Digs

Make a list of local GPs. It’s like having a health map for your new neighbourhood.

21. Friends and Family (Again)
The More, the Merrier

Remind your loved ones about the move closer to the big day. Confirm the new address and keep the excitement flowing.

22. Update Your Address
Consistency is Key

Keep your address updated everywhere. It’s the key to smooth communication with everyone in your circle.

23. List of Emergency Contacts
A Safety Net for Anything Unexpected

Prepare a list of emergency contacts. It’s like having a superhero squad for any unexpected twists during the move.

24. Moving House Announcements
Share the Joy, Spread the Love

Consider sending moving house announcements. A little personal touch to keep everyone in the loop.

25. Gas and Electricity Providers
Power Up Your New Place

Reach out to your new gas and electricity providers. Set up your accounts and make sure you’re ready to power up your new home.

26. Internet and Phone Providers
Staying Connected in Your New Digs

Don’t forget to inform your internet and phone providers about the move. Ensure a smooth transition of services to keep you connected in your new home.

27. Water Supplier
H2O in Your New Abode

Let your water supplier know about the move. Update your address so you continue to receive water bills and maintain a seamless water supply in your new abode.

28. Garbage Collection Services
Keeping It Clean in Your New Neighborhood

Notify your local garbage collection services about your move. Make sure you’re on the radar for regular pickups at your new address.

29. Subscription Services
Uninterrupted Entertainment

Update your address with subscription services. Whether it’s streaming, magazines, or monthly boxes, keep the goodies coming without a hitch.

30. School and Educational Institutions
Smooth Transition for Students

If you have school-going kids, inform their educational institutions about the move. Ensure a seamless transition in enrollment and necessary paperwork.

31. Banks and Financial Institutions
Keeping Your Finances in the Loop

Update your address with banks and financial institutions. It ensures you receive important financial statements and alerts at your new address.

Who to tell your moving home


32. Employers and HR Departments: Who to tell your moving home
Professional Moves Made Easy

Notify your employer and HR department about your move. Keep them in the loop to ensure any work-related correspondence reaches you in your new work or home space.

33. Landlord or Property Management
Maintaining Good Relations

If you’re renting, inform your landlord or property management about the move. It allows for a smooth handover and helps maintain positive relations.

34. Veterinarian: Who to tell your moving home
Furry Friends in the Loop

If you have pets, update your veterinarian about the move. Ensure they have your new contact information in case of any pet-related emergencies.

Moving is a big deal, but with Watson European’s friendly guide, you’ve got this! Keep it easy, keep it breezy, and enjoy every moment of your exciting move. Happy moving, neighbour!

Conclusion: Who to tell your moving home

Moving home involves a series of notifications to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted services. Watson European is here to guide you through this process, helping you navigate the intricacies of updating your contact details and ensuring a seamless move. By staying proactive and organized, you can enjoy a stress-free transition to your new home. Happy moving!